This weekend sees the return of the FAUK (Football America UK) North Vs South University All-Star game!

195 current and recently graduated players applied, from 56 Universities, and we’re proud to announce that we have 4 current players, as well as one of our Alumni representing the Destroyers.

Benny Debrah, Lawrence Cornwall-Baptiste, Alex Ampleford and Emmanuel Feyibunmi, are all current players gearing up to ball out, and represent the U this Sunday 29th of September. We will also be showing support for Shemi Adeboye, who recently graduated from Portsmouth, and is working on his Masters at the University of Birmingham.

The game kicks off this Sunday at 3:00pm at the Coventry Butts Arena, with tickets available on site while also being livestreamed by Onside Productions. Make sure you know who to watch out for in the action:

Benny Debrah #11 WR

Lawrence Cornwall-Baptiste #70 OL

Alex Ampleford #22 DB

Emmanuel Feyibunmi #90 DL

Shemi Adeboye #75 OL


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