The Portsmouth Destroyers welcome back Offensive Line Coach Adam McClure. 

Coach McClure has been with the Destroyers the last 10 seasons, as a player from September 2008 - March 2013 and as a coach since then. He described his highlights during this time as "Winning the National Championship in 2011, Division 2 in 2016 and securing the back to back promotion in 2017".

We Asked Coach McClure how he felt last season went and what his plans for next season were, and this was his response;

"I'm really looking forward to our second season in the Prem, and building on the success of last season, while our record may not seem that great, it was a success in terms of our season goals for the team to step up in the higher level of competition, and to avoid relegation. This year we want to build on that, make a strong push and hopefully put together a playoff run that results in another National Championship".

We can't wait to get back on the field and we're happy to know that Coach McClure will be returning for another season with Destroyers.

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