The proud honourable old boys club, dedicated for the ex players that continue to give back to the team that gave them plenty.

The old boys organisation exists to keep all former players of the University's American football team (and its previous incarnations) in touch for life.

Alumni Membership scheme

The Destroyer's Alumni funding partnership was initiated by three former players who wished to improve and ease the struggles of a student athlete. Through communication with the Destroyers committee and advice from alumni, it was decided to initiate a scheme which would benefit the team in terms of resources, equipment and other necessities, by funding and supporting the current team of players and coaches.

The partnership hopes to host various events throughout the year, ranging from a black tie dinner, first home game of the season meet up/ drinks and the annual 'Old Boys' game against the current playing team. By organising reunions in Portsmouth, the partnership will help keep you in touch with old friends, while also meeting new recruits and the future of the organisation. 

In order to join the partnership, each new member is asked to donate a yearly set fee, prior to joining. This fee helps to keep the website running, strengthen the partnership between the old boys club and the current team and invest towards the future of the team.

Any ex player/ coach can become a member, simply get in touch and once you have contributed your donation, request to join the newsletter by filling your details above.



The following names are currently recognised and honoured as our exceptional alumni members who have contributed back to the team by way of the ‘Alumni Membership Scheme’.

Please note that current players are ineligible to join. You can view a full listing of our current Honorary Members below.

A-Z by surname)

  • Shemi Adeboye

  • Sam Borni

  • Mitchell Borrego-O’callaghan

  • Gavin Ebanks

  • Efe Eguavoen

  • Rob Jamieson

  • Andrew Kidd

  • Junior Lweno

  • Jason Selormey

  • Chris Skinner

  • Matt Taylor

  • Nicholas Wilson